12th International Conference of ASECU, is organized by Anadolu University, on the 29th-30th, September, 2016 in Eskişehir, Turkey, on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the Association.
   The conference aims to provide a professional discussion platform for both academic and business professionals from Southern and Eastern Europe as well as the Black Sea Region, and from the neighbouring countries.
   The conference will address inclusive and sustainable development and the role of social and solidarity economy (SSE). SSE, is a phenomenon that has gained growing economic, social, political visibility in recent times, and that in practice allows us to think about actions that envisage the aspects making up the integrated approach to development.
  The SSE, defined as a concept including organizations and enterprises producing goods, services and knowledge while pursuing social and economic objectives, emerges as a response to the need for innovation within the current model of production and consumption. During recent years a great deal of legislation has been adopted concerning SSE.
  This legislative activity and institutional recognition of the SSE on an international level is characterized by efforts to incorporate economically dynamic and socially innovative aspects into the joint construction of public policies that aim to promote greater cohesion and inclusion.
   Hence, organizers of the conference especially expect participants to explore and examine the impact of the SSE on inclusive and sustainable development.
   The conference official language is English.